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    Projects hierarchy

    Synced full hierarchy of projects and activities from Easy Projects


    Synced activities by project from Easy Projects


    Synced users from Easy Projects

    Create a new task and project

    Start sync

    Available in automatic and manual a trigger of the sync with Easy Projects

    Perfect support

    The technical staff respond in a very short time and in a very prompt manner

This Outlook add-in makes it possible to sync issues, projects, as well as to get quick access to attachments and messages on your Easy Projects account.
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How It Works


Sync activities

Changes made to issues and projects in Outlook are synchronized with Easy Projects in real time.

Task Management

Create and edit task

You can create and edit issue in your Easy Projects account right from Outlook.


Assign members

Also you can assign members and upload attachments.


Convert to

Convert emails to tasks or projects

You can convert Outlook Emails and Tasks into Easy Projects tasks with just few clicks. Attachments from email are added as attachments to Easy Projects activities and projects.

Project Management

Create projects

Create projects in your Easy Projects account.


Assign members

Also you can assign members and upload attachments.


Message Board

Post messages

You can chat with other team members in real-time and the entire communication history will be saved in the Easy Projects issue or project message board.

Weekly time logs

Post time entries

You can quickly add time entries for specific tasks for up to an entire week.




Import Easy Projects users into Outlook contacts folder.

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